This is what happens when a baby owl wakes up from his slumber

Image from Pixabay

Owls are known for their nighttime predatory skills, but they can be adorable at daytime. A pet baby owl is making everyone shy away from him, not because he poses any threat, rather he is just annoyed.

As the camera comes near, the baby owl notices it, rises and gives a sharp look to the object intruding his peaceful time. In the video, he seemed quite intrigued as well. The owl was trying to sleep on his wooden log when the incident occurred.

Owls usually sleep at daytime and hunt during the night.

They have a very good night vision making it easy for them to hunt at night. They can rotate their heads in 270 degrees giving creeps to anyone looking.

In some cultures, owls are revered for their wisdom and intelligence. They have more than 200 species across the world ranging from common barn owls to majestic looking great horned owl. They hunt small mammals like rodents.

Maybe inspired by the movies like Harry Potter you would like to adopt a Hedwig of your own. But according to research, many countries in the world don’t allow owls to be kept as pets. Even if you are allowed taking care of them is a huge responsibility. They need a lot of space for exercise and their diet is also not very traditional.