The viral video of a dog that got on a bus and sat like just another passenger

Cristhian Lizama Fuentes is a modest bus driver who makes a living transporting passengers from one side of Santiago de Chile to the other. He has been doing several routes in the Chilean capital for years and throughout his professional life, he has encountered several curious episodes that he has had to solve on the fly.

One of them took place in early August when at one of the stops on his route, a stray dog ​​got on Christian’s bus. The animal looked like just another user of public transport: he got into the bus, went to a seat, got on and sat like one of them, calmly looking out the window.

The driver decided to record the animal and share it on his social networks. At no time did it occur to him to eject him from the bus, since the dog was not bothering anyone. He was simply cold and sought shelter in a place where he could stay for a while safe from the low temperatures that accompany the southern winter at this time of year.

An applauded decision

As can be heard in the video, Christian explains that he did not want to get off the bus “because he must be cold, he was sleeping.” That is why he allowed him to stay in the vehicle during the journey, a time in which the animal did not give any kind of problem to the driver or the passengers who were getting on public transport.

The driver points out that “I don’t care what those people who say the seat is going to get dirty and things like that think. There are people who get on this route and dirty the seats that way and throw papers on the floor … and instead, he enjoyed the view while resting.” A highly applauded decision on social media, where the video went viral.

In addition, Cristhian Lizama Fuentes explains that a long way had passed from the moment the dog got on the bus to where it stopped to record the animal, so he was not going to leave him lying in an area where “it would be even more lost.” So he left her resting on the seat until the dog decided it was time to get off and go back to his life.