Find out how to test that quantum computer systems return correct solutions? A easy hack

Quantum computer systems are evolving at a breakneck tempo and are already pushing the boundaries of the world’s strongest supercomputers.

Nevertheless, these gadgets are notably prone to exterior results and therefore liable to errors that may alter the computation’s end result.

That is particularly tough for quantum computations which can be past the capabilities of our trusted classical computer systems, as we are able to not independently test the findings by way of simulation.

To beat this concern, the workforce devised and carried out a brand new cross-check method that allows the outcomes of 1 machine’s calculation to be verified in opposition to the outcomes of a associated however essentially completely different calculation carried out on one other machine.

“We ask completely different quantum computer systems to carry out completely different random-looking computations,” explains Martin Ringbauer from the College of Innsbruck.

“What the quantum computer systems don’t know is that there’s a hidden connection between the computations they’re doing.”

With the assistance of another mannequin of quantum computing constructed on graph buildings, they have been in a position to generate many various computations from a typical supply.

The scientists examined their method on 5 present quantum computer systems by combining 4 separate {hardware} applied sciences: superconducting circuits, trapped ions, photonics, and nuclear magnetic resonance.

“Whereas the outcomes could seem random and the computations are completely different, there are particular outputs that should agree if the gadgets are working appropriately.”

This demonstrates that the technique works on commonplace {hardware} with out requiring any extra configuration. Moreover, the researchers confirmed how the method could also be used to validate a single machine in opposition to itself.

Because of the truth that the 2 computations are so dissimilar, the 2 outcomes will coincide provided that they’re additionally appropriate.

One other vital benefit of the brand new method is that it eliminates the necessity for researchers to look at the complete output of the computation, which can be fairly time-consuming.

In response to the examine authors, with the rising availability of quantum computer systems, this method could also be important for guaranteeing they carry out as acknowledged.

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