An official records himself before his colleagues having sex with his secretary

A Philippine government official accidentally showed sexual relations with his secretary to all his colleagues and, later, to everyone.

Jesus Estil, the head of the Fatima Dos Village Council in Cavite, Philippines, joined a Zoom meeting with his colleagues and unknowingly turned on the camera.

While her colleagues were discussing local issues, Estil got up and walked over to a woman sitting on the couch a few steps from the computer. The two then engaged in a sexual act while their colleagues stared at them dumbfounded.

The woman was later identified as his secretary, and she is also in charge of accounting for the local government office. One of his colleagues even managed to record the explicit scene.

The video was later made public and caused some villagers to file a petition to dismiss Estil for misconduct.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government assured that the official will be removed from the office as soon as possible.

Neither he nor his secretary has reported for work since the video was posted on the social network.