The collapse of the US dollar would occur at “warp speed”

A sharp collapse of the United States dollar could occur very soon, says US economist Stephen Roach, a member of Yale University and former president of Morgan Stanley Asia.

“In the COVID era, everything happens at warp speed,  Roach told the MarketWatch newspaper, referring to a theoretical way of moving faster than the speed of light, popularized in the Star Trek television series.

Lately, the economist has been warning of an impending collapse of the dollar in the coming years.

As the analyst predicted in his recent articles, the US currency may depreciate by 35% by 2021.

In particular, Roach observed that the US is losing its global privileges, and therefore the era of the “exorbitant privilege” of the US dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency is coming to an end.

The economist recalled that the dollar, like any exchange rate, is a relative price that reflects the economic, financial, social and political situation of a nation seen against comparable characteristics of other nations.

In the face of the pandemic and subsequent recession, the contradiction between the lack of savings and the growing current account deficit in the United States is stretched, Stephen Roach warned.