Scented candles on Amazon become victims of coronavirus

Complaints about the lack of scent in scented candles on Amazon increased dramatically in recent months, however, a researcher associated this problem with the loss of smell caused by COVID-19.

Several Amazon customers shared their criticism of scented candles on the Yankee Candle website, where researcher Kate Petrova saw it and decided to investigate the source of the problem.

“Scented Candles: An Unexpected Victim of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” Petrova wrote, displaying a chart of complaint rates by months.

According to the researcher, as cases of infection were increased was greater the amount of criticism on the scent of candles.

“Since the beginning of 2020, customer satisfaction with scented candles has been dropping at a much faster rate compared to unscented candles”

the researcher emphasized.

Petrova concludes that this theory could be the source of increased complaints about the smell of candles, but pointed out that detailed and in-depth studies should be carried out to verify this.

Partial or total loss of smell is one of the most characteristic symptoms in people who contract COVID-19, even Italian scientists came to develop a test to detect this.