These are the top 100 videos of 2020

Some funny, some impressive, some maybe even scary, are presented in 35 minutes

Modern life is an image and modern entertainment in our daily lives due to the pandemic is videos. Youtube voted the top 100 videos for the year, can be seen in just 35 minutes. 

Some funny, some impressive, some maybe scary…


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Why some people get drunk too fast?

© CC0 / Pexels

Alcohol affects us all differently: while some are able to carry on a witty conversation after having a bottle of wine, others get drunk with a couple of drinks. An expert explained why this phenomenon is due.

Dr Rubaiyat Haque, from the London’s Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital clinic, stated in a comment to the Daily Mail that “alcohol allergy does not exist”, and that alcohol molecules are too small for our immune system to recognize and create an allergic response.

At the same time, it can be a so-called alcohol intolerance, which

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This prehistoric crocodile was 5 meters long

Image Credit: Pixabay

Australian researchers dubbed a prehistoric reptile newly classified as “king of the swamp.” They believe it could have measured up to five meters and would look like their modern descendants but “with steroids.”

A monstrous crocodile nearly 5 meters terrified the waters of southeast Queensland in Australia millions of years ago. But only now have researchers at the University of Queensland discovered their real dimensions.

Since 1886, paleontologists have named prehistoric crocodiles from that time Pallimnarchus pollens, based on fossil fragments found in southeast Queensland.

But recent examinations of a partial skull found in the 1980s

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a Mi-35M pulverizes a terrorist caravan

The Nigerian Air Force has shared the video of the night airstrike that took place on December 19 against a caravan of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

When it became known that the caravan, consisting of about seven vehicles, was approaching the town of Ajiri, in Borno state, the military sent several Mi-35M helicopters to eliminate them and prevent them from entering the town. 

In the video, you can see how the aircraft strike the first hit with several unguided rockets, and then carry out two more attacks against the survivors who were trying to escape. According to 

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Why ‘breathing like a baby’ is good for your health?

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression ‘sleep like a baby’, but it’s best to ‘breathe like a baby’. Science explains…

As we get older, our breathing gets worse, it’s like we ‘unlearn’ breathing, explains Rebecca Dennis, a breathing expert, speaking to BBC News.

This process occurs despite the human lung capacity increases over time, more precisely up to 35 years, and from then on begins to decrease.

According to Dennis, many adults breathe superficially, i.e. they make inappropriate muscle movements, such as moving the neck and shoulders whenever they breathe.

The fact is that, according to several studies, breathing poorly

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Unhealthy food makes teenagers sleep worse

Scientists from Australia have concluded that frequent consumption of fast food and soda can dramatically reduce the quality of sleep in adolescents around the world.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep and poor sleep quality are associated with depression, anxiety and aggression among adolescents. Sleep problems affect academic performance, immunity and even increase the risk of suicidal thoughts, obesity, drug abuse and alcohol abuse.

Scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, conducted the first and largest study on the relationship between food and sleep in middle and high school children. To do this, they analyzed data from the Global

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COVID vaccines will be effective for a long time

Image Credit: Pixabay

Experts, in a new work, reveal that immunity to COVID-19 lasts for at least eight months. This means that coronavirus vaccines will protect a person from re-infection for a long period.

Australian scientists have found that those infected with the coronavirus have an immune memory to protect against re-infection for at least eight months. A new work by experts has shown that COVID vaccines will work for a long time, writes MedicalXpress.

“This study is the most compelling evidence that vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus will work for a long time,” said scientists from Australia’s Monash

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