Why Bezos got rid of other shares of his company worth $ 3.1 billion

Earlier in 2020, Bezos had sold more than $ 4.1 billion worth of shares, bringing new sales to $ 7.2 billion.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more $ 3.1 billion worth of shares this week, according to a news release from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

These sales are part of the 10b5-1 rule introduced by the SEC in 2000 which allows insiders of listed companies to draw up a trading plan for the sale of shares they hold. Rule 10b-5, created under the Securities Act of 1934, which is the main body for investigating securities fraud.


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Kadimastem Announces Positive Interim Results from Phase 2 in ALS

Kadimastem Announces Positive Interim Results from Phase 2 in ALS


Kadimastem leadership and the cell product manufacturing process.

Israel-based Kadimastem, a biotechnology company developing cell therapies for the treatment of severe debilitating diseases announced positive interim results from the Phase 2 clinical trial.

The company’s lead product, AstroRx, showed a positive efficacy signal and a good safety profile in a clinical Cohort B Phase 1/2a in ALS.

The comparison between the ALSFRS-R change before and after treatment conveys a clinically meaningful decline of more than 50% in disease progression rate for a period of 3 months for both cohorts,” said

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Sperm don’t move like we all imagined for 350 years

Researchers from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico discovered the true way in which sperm swim. The truth is that it has nothing to do with how we thought it was until now. The results shed light on the problem of male infertility.

If you remember some old biology class, in which they explained the human fertilization process through a drawing or animated video, you will surely remember the small sperm swimming towards an egg in order to fertilize it.

Similar to microscopic tadpoles, science believed that sperm swam similar to the way

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Israel’s Treasury estimates: The economic crisis will last about 5 years

The Ministry of Finance published today (Sunday) its economic forecast for the years 2023-2020.

The forecast presents two possible scenarios – a gradual recovery scenario and an exacerbation scenario, both of which of course depend on the management of the medical crisis and the increase in morbidity. Nevertheless, sources in the Treasury estimate that 5-4 years are expected to return to unemployment on the eve of the crisis.

Ministry of Finance warns against their assessments because the nature of the crisis is unique and not similar to events that have happened in the past. However, based on the major crises …

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Airplane pilot explains what happens during hard landings

Image from iStock

Maybe you’d ever be on a plane, heading for your destination, and, why not, heavenly, when you had a landing that made you cross yourself several times (although you are not a religious person) and you regretted not having made a will. The experience may even have been even worse (and more unlikely) and you have ever seen a crash landing with your own eyes.

The truth is that air planes are the safest means of transportation. Of the 36.8 million commercial flights that, to estimate, were made in 2017, only 10 ended in a fatal accident

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Israeli Tests Detected COVID-19 eruption in sewers

Israeli Tests Detected COVID-19 eruption in sewers

The results demonstrated that Covid-19 hotspots could be detected down to specific streets and neighborhoods. “like taking the ‘blood test’ of a city,”

A pilot project conducted in Ashkelon city aimed to spot early outbreaks of coronavirus by identifying traces of the COVID-19 in the municipal sewage system announced a success.

The pilot in city-scale of 150,000 residents was made by Kando, a wastewater monitoring technology company, in collaboration with researchers from Ben-Gurion University and the Technion.

The findings helped target the eruption area to a particular neighborhood and even individual streets.

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Scientists discover an effective substitute for lithium batteries

Scientists at the Russian National University of Science and Technology MISIS (NUST MISIS) together with their colleagues from Russia and Germany have designed an effective substitute for expensive lithium-ion batteries.

According to the researchers, they have discovered a method of manufacturing sodium batteries that will be much cheaper than lithium-ion batteries and may even have a higher capacity. The research results are published in the journal Nano Energy.

Lithium-ion batteries are used today in all areas: in smartphones, laptops, and other electronic equipment, in transportation, and space equipment. Lithium is an expensive metal, and experts say its reserves are limited.

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