Chime is now worth $14.5 billion, surging past Robinhood as the most valuable U.S. consumer fintech

Chime CEO Chris Britt

Source: Chime

The fintech world has a new heavyweight.

Chime, the start-up that delivers banking services through mobile phones, has closed a fundraising that values the company at $14.5 billion, CNBC has learned exclusively.

That lofty figure makes Chime the most valuable American fintech start-up serving retail consumers. Robinhood, the popular free-trading app, raised money last month at an $11.2 billion valuation. The moves show that even as investors punish the shares of established U.S. banks — the KBW Bank Index has lost a third of its value this year — they are willing to

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Oracle – TikTok Deal In Trouble?

Oracle – TikTok Deal In Trouble?

The Oracle bid to take over Tik Tok American operations just moved a step forward with the approval of Tik Tok’s parent company ByteDance. But Oracle will still need to get a green light from both the Trump Administration and the Chinese government. Imagine those two agreeing on anything.

US regulators have now given tentative approval of the deal which grants American authorities a veto over any board member of the American Tik Tok while the parent company remains in Chinese hands. President Trump had ordered a Tik Tok ban be

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Political Analyst Bakari Sellers to Address What Biden’s Policies Would Mean for Black America

In the midst of this historic election year, Black Americans are facing the compounding crises of a global pandemic, police brutality, record-high unemployment, and targeted voter suppression.

To unpack this pivotal moment, BLACK ENTERPRISE partnered with Be Heard Talk, an award-winning talk show that adds a taste of hip hop, Assata Shakur, and spice to unseasoned news. Each Sunday, the Be Heard Talk team — Selena Hill, Digital Editor at BLACK ENTERPRISE; Stanley Fritz, the New York State Political and Campaigns Director at Citizen Action of New York; and Tammie David, a community organizer –

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The Australian tree that stings like a scorpion

Image: UQ

They discover a new neurotoxin in the Gimpi Gimpi that causes a pain similar to the bite of a spider or a cone snail

It’s called Gympie-Gympie or “Suicide Plant” and by that name, you can’t expect anything good. This Australian tree, a member of the nettle family, is one of the most venomous plants in the world and causes extreme pain that can last for weeks. How can it be so stinging? Researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) have discovered the reason. The bush contains hitherto unknown neurotoxins surprisingly similar to those found in

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Billionaires urged to combat world hunger by UN food chief: ‘Do the right thing’

The head of the World Food Programme (WFP) David Beasley attends a press conference about an updated aid appeal for South Sudan on May 15, 2017 at the United Nations Office in Geneva.


The UN’s top food official has urged billionaires and businesses to help save 30 million people around the world who are at risk of dying from hunger this year without aid.

UN World Food Programme Executive Director David Beasley said on Thursday that the organization requires $4.9 billion to feed those at risk for one year.

“Worldwide, there are over 2,000 billionaires

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11 Ways to Save Money on your Smartphone Bill

Smartphone bills form a significant portion of the entire monthly budget. Researchers suggest that the average monthly bill can accrue even more than $150. After putting aside your monthly housing, utility, and grocery cost, phone bills might be the next expensive bill in the entire budget.

Are there things that you can do to lower your smartphone bill? There are millions of various cellular service providers and a considerable number of plans available. It is overwhelming to try to check over all the options to save your money. But I guess it is possible to save the bills.

If you

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