A piece of meat “came to life” on a cutting board and scared social networks

Image from Pixabay

A video of a piece of meat is gaining popularity on the Web in which a piece of meat begins to move on a cutting board. Dont’s get scared…

A new video is gaining popularity on the social network. The video shows a piece of meat lying on a cutting board that suddenly begins to show movement.

The footage was posted by Twitter user Yo! Artist. As the author said, her mother wanted to cook the meat, but it began to pulsate, as a result, the woman got scared and changed her mind about cooking dinner.

Many users of the social network wrote in the comments that they were horrified by this video. Others noted that this was not surprising. They explained that “it’s all about the nerve endings that continue to function in fresh raw meat for a while.”

The video has already received more than 14 thousand shares and almost a million views.

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