Apple just announced a stock split — here’s what that means for investors

During its third quarter earnings results on Thursday Apple said that the company’s Board of Directors approved a four-for-one stock split.

Stock splits are cosmetic, meaning they do not change anything about a company’s underlying fundamentals. They can lead to renewed interest from smaller investors by making the shares — which are now cheaper — more accessible. But that interest would not be enough to influence the share price more so than larger investors already freely trading the stock.

In this case, all investors who currently own the stock will receive three additional shares after the market closes on August

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Scientists discover an effective substitute for lithium batteries

Scientists at the Russian National University of Science and Technology MISIS (NUST MISIS) together with their colleagues from Russia and Germany have designed an effective substitute for expensive lithium-ion batteries.

According to the researchers, they have discovered a method of manufacturing sodium batteries that will be much cheaper than lithium-ion batteries and may even have a higher capacity. The research results are published in the journal Nano Energy.

Lithium-ion batteries are used today in all areas: in smartphones, laptops, and other electronic equipment, in transportation, and space equipment. Lithium is an expensive metal, and experts say its reserves are limited.

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Kamala Harris Talks Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan

After three-and-a-half years of living in Donald Trump’s America, Sen. Kamala Harris is doing all she can to prevent the reality TV star from spending another four years in the White House. According to Harris, a top contender on Joe Biden’s shortlist of potential running mates, the country might not be able to recover from “irreparable” damage should President Trump get reelected in November.

During an interview with BLACK ENTERPRISE, the California senator pitched Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan for economic recovery and racial equality, an all-encompassing proposal to stimulate the economy and level the playing

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Bartering Helping Cash-Strapped Businesses Survive Pandemic

During economic downturns, such as high unemployment and cash shortages, bartering is always a go-to solution. This is what BizX is seeing during the economic hardship businesses are facing brought on by the pandemic.

According to BizX, its platform is emerging as an important tool for businesses so they can keep their cash reserves. Cashflow is a big issue even in normal times, but during this pandemic, it is especially challenging.

BizX Bartering

BizX is a digital barter exchange founded after 9/11 to help forge relationships and help businesses connect. The goal is to provide a platform in which

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Tech Giants Ramp Up Lobbying In Face of Antitrust Scrutiny Hearing

One year ago, shortly after representatives from Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple had appeared at a House subcommittee hearing to answer questions about potential antitrust allegations, the U.S. Justice Department opened a broad investigation of “market-leading online platforms”, aiming to review whether and how they “have achieved market power and are engaging in practices that have reduced competition, stifled innovation, or otherwise harmed consumers.” 12 months later, the chief executives of the aforementioned companies will appear before said subcommittee (albeit virtually) to testify and make their respective company’s case.

In statements released ahead of Wednesday’s hearings, all four CEOs

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How To Integrate Video Into Your Blog To Increase Engagement Rates And Conversions

We are living in an era of information overload. The internet is a powerhouse of data, stories, statistics, memes, articles, pictures, clips, and anything else you can think of. With so much information flying around, sometimes we can get a bit overwhelmed… and visitors to your blog can too.

Internet marketers know that every day is a battle for customer attention. Video is a way to grab your customer’s attention in a split second and keep it, making them more likely to engage and convert. So, if you’re not using video on your blog, you’re missing out on a lot

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Watch 5 UNESCO sites get digitally restored in a matter of seconds

Watch 5 UNESCO sites get digitally restored in a matter of seconds

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