Handmade Crafters Making Face Masks for Medical Professionals

The COVID-19 epidemic is disrupting the nation’s medical facilities and individuals who work there. Consequently, they are facing shortages in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In recent weeks these protective gears have become scarce and in short supply.

As a result, health care workers are being forced to ration their N95 masks. These are the masks the Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides maximum protection form the disease. While those who don’t have access to N95 masks are resorting to surgical masks.

Making Face Masks

In a bid to curb the shortage of these protective gear and stifle the infection

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Elon Musk donates the first respirators to the city of New York

Elon Musk donated the first respirators purchased by Tesla to the city of New York, but Elon Musk’s image continues to weigh the denialism embraced from the beginning of the pandemic.

Emergencies are emergencies and as such require short-cut gratitude and investment in solidarity. And that’s how in the midst of a pandemic we need to look at Elon Musk with two attitudes: of those who are grateful for what Tesla is doing but at the same time of those who do not forget what they did not do.

Elon Musk: the first respirators given to

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5 Ways Google Reviews Will Boost Your SEO Efforts (And How To Get Better Ones)

One of the biggest concerns in online branding is keeping your search engine page ranks (SERPs) high enough to generate new traffic towards your website. In fact, 93 percent of all web traffic is the direct result of organic search. One factor that’s often overlooked is the effect of customer reviews on your position in search ranking.

We all know that word of mouth and personal recommendations can make or break perceptions of our company. But, few of us realize that Google and other search engines consider customer experience and satisfaction alongside their cold and impersonal metrics.

In order to

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HSBC, Standard Chartered shares fall

This is a live blog. Please check back for updates.

  • Global cases: More than 856,900
  • Global deaths: At least 42,081
  • Top 5 countries: United States (187,919), Italy (105,792), Spain (95,923), China (82,278), and Germany (71,808)

The data above was compiled by Johns Hopkins University as of 7:58 a.m. Beijing time.

All times below are in Beijing time.

12:20 pm: Investors can do some buying as markets are ‘a lot cheaper,’ says billionaire investor Howard Marks

Oaktree Capital co-chairman Howard Marks is leaning toward a more negative outlook because of the uncertainty from the coronavirus pandemic, but still, he said investors

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Branson’s Virgin Orbit to begin coronavirus ventilator mass production

The Virgin Orbit ventilator device.

Virgin Orbit

Richard Branson’s California-based rocket company Virgin Orbit partnered with medical researchers and developed a ventilator device that the company plans to mass produce and send to hospitals around the United States to fight the coronavirus.

“[It is] a very, very simple and robust design that we can get out to the people who are in the most need, and the hospitals that are in the most need, of devices like these very, very quickly,” Virgin Orbit’s ventilator project leader, Kevin Zagorski, said. Zagorski manages the company’s advanced manufacturing of propulsion systems, meaning

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Israeli startups raised over $350 mullion in Dec 2019

Israeli startups raised over $350 mullion in Dec 2019

Israeli tech companies raised a record $8.19 billion in 2019, easily surpassing the $6.4 billion in 2018, which was itself a record.


According to IVC, Israeli tech companies raised $6.14 billion in the first nine months of the year. This amount an estimated $2.05 billion in the fourth quarter ($800 million in October, $900 million in November and $350 million in December) for a record $8.19 billion in 2019, easily surpassing the record $6.4 billion raised by Israeli tech companies in 2018, which according to IVC was up from $5.24 billion

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How To Promote Your Service?

The concept of a ‘serviced office’ has been around for quite a while and was generally observed as a work area arrangement focused on advisors, entrepreneurs and SMEs drawn by lower costs, collective working zones and the adaptability of having the option to book on a month to month premise. The flexible service office industry has developed in the course of the last 15 years with the goal that it currently gives an advanced and complex assortment of choices for tenants.

One of the advantages of a serviced office is the all-inclusive lease, which eliminates worries about unanticipated costs, for

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