Stock market frenzy feels like 1999 dot-com bubble

Billionaire global investor Barry Sternlicht said Thursday he’s concerned about the long-term viability of current conditions in the stock market, warning that some aspects feel reminiscent of the dot-com bubble back in the 1990s.

“I don’t think we’re having a problem in the stock market near term,” Sternlicht said on “Squawk Box.” “The stimulus is too big.”

After the market plunged due to Covid fears in February and March of last year, the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates to near zero and unleashed other programs to support the financial system. Congress also pushed through two massive stimulus packages in 2020,

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Wall Street Celebrates Joe Biden Inauguration with Soaring Stock Markets – Jewish Business News

Wall Street Celebrates Joe Biden Inauguration with Soaring Stock Markets

The S&P 500 rose by 1.39%.

In spite of the expectations of former President Trump’s supporters, Wall Street did not go into a panic after Joe Biden was elected President of the United States. Quite the contrary. The New York Stock Exchange celebrated with historic gains on the day of President Biden’s inauguration.

The S&P 500 rose by 1.39%, reaching a record close of 3,851.85. This was 14 percent higher than on Election Day. Interestingly, this broke the previous record for an inauguration day climb previously set on the day

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6 Ways to Offer Premium Customer Service as an Ecommerce Business

Customer service is extremely important in the day and age we live in today. The relationship between businesses and consumers is totally different from what it was a few years ago. Today, consumers give importance to customer service almost as much as product pricing and quality.

In fact, according to a survey done by Zendesk, 84% of customers think that customer service is an important factor to consider when deciding to buy from a company.

This factor especially weighs heavily in the case of eCommerce businesses. Millions of businesses probably offer products of the same quality as you, so why

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Family-Owned Virginia Company Wants To Increase Black Wealth Locally

Closing the racial wealth gap has been a goal for numerous organizations around the country in response to decades of oppressive laws and procedures committed by big banks. For one family based in Norfolk, Virginia, they created a business with the hopes to empower their community by providing resources to help them succeed financially.

Kenneth Royster is the president and CEO of First Genesis of Virginia, a finance company aimed to help others like him in his community. He became inspired to start his company first being exposed to other Black professionals within the finance industry and wanted

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Best Clothing Racks – Small Business Trends

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If you own clothing store or a boutique you probably know that clothing racks are important to showcase your merchandise.

While almost all clothing racks provide the same essential function of showcasing clothes that are for sell, they are not all created equal. Clothing racks come in a variety of designs and styles as well as price points. Whether you are looking for functionality or aesthetics, below are some of our seven top clothing racks for your business.


Best Clothing Racks



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Effective Customer Service and Driving Businesses Forward According to CarGuard CEO Trevor Smith

They say “Customer is King” because it is the customer who drives a company’s bottom line. The concept of customer service has gained significant recognition in the world of business, and every enterprise is always looking to have a highly satisfied set of customers. From complaints desk to service desks, customer care desks, and customer experience departments, businesses are pulling the best of their energies to ensure all their customers continue enjoying the best services ever.

How a company handles customer complaints will have a significant impact on its reputation and overall profitability.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

By implementing progressive policies

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Foxconn, Apple EV interest points to different future for automakers

Foxconn, Apple EV interest points to different future for automakers

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