Nikola’s entire quarterly revenue of $36,000 was from solar installation for the executive chairman

Nikola Motor Company

Source: Nikola Motor Company

Nikola’s entire second quarter revenue of $36,000 was related to solar installations for Executive Chairman Trevor Milton, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“During the three months ended June 30, 2020 and 2019 the Company recorded solar revenues of $0.03 million and $0.04 million, respectively, for the provision of solar installation services to the Executive Chairman, which are billed on time and materials basis,” the company’s 10-Q said. “During the six months ended June 30, 2020 and 2019 the Company recorded solar revenues of $0.08 million and $0.06 million,

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Why Bezos got rid of other shares of his company worth $ 3.1 billion

Earlier in 2020, Bezos had sold more than $ 4.1 billion worth of shares, bringing new sales to $ 7.2 billion.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more $ 3.1 billion worth of shares this week, according to a news release from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

These sales are part of the 10b5-1 rule introduced by the SEC in 2000 which allows insiders of listed companies to draw up a trading plan for the sale of shares they hold. Rule 10b-5, created under the Securities Act of 1934, which is the main body for investigating securities fraud.


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Black Lives Matter Activist Cori Bush Prevails in Missouri Primary

Cori Bush, who was at one time homeless, defeated longtime Rep. William Lacy Clay in Missouri’s Democratic primary on Tuesday, according to CBS News.

Bush, who helped lead protests in Ferguson after a White police officer shot Black teenager, 18-year-old Michael Brown, won the Democratic primary against Rep. Clay two years after losing to him.

“They counted us out,” she said. “They called me–I’m just the protester, I’m just the activist with no name, no title, and no real money. That’s all they said that I was. But St. Louis showed up today.”

With her victory, Bush

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Three Friends Formed Open Pixel Studios To Provide animation solutions

Most business owners already understand the power of visuals in their marketing, advertising, and training. But you can set those visuals apart even more through animation.

That’s where Open Pixel Studios comes in.

The team met while working at another company and then transitioned into their own business.

Small Business Spotlight: Open Pixel Studios

Learn more about the business, team, and offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides animation solutions for businesses.

Co-founder Kathryn Taccone told Small Business Trends, “Open Pixel Studios provides a variety of animation services to businesses and organizations to

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Kadimastem Announces Positive Interim Results from Phase 2 in ALS

Kadimastem Announces Positive Interim Results from Phase 2 in ALS


Kadimastem leadership and the cell product manufacturing process.

Israel-based Kadimastem, a biotechnology company developing cell therapies for the treatment of severe debilitating diseases announced positive interim results from the Phase 2 clinical trial.

The company’s lead product, AstroRx, showed a positive efficacy signal and a good safety profile in a clinical Cohort B Phase 1/2a in ALS.

The comparison between the ALSFRS-R change before and after treatment conveys a clinically meaningful decline of more than 50% in disease progression rate for a period of 3 months for both cohorts,” said

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B2B Sales Meeting Blunders You Can’t Afford To Make

Everyone makes mistakes when selling. Particularly when you’re a B2B startup pitching to established business owners and CEOs. These folks have forgotten more about business than they likely remember.

With that in mind, you absolutely need to have your ducks in a row before you even think about asking for a meeting. Sure, you’re going to make mistakes, and (hopefully) learn from them and get better with each outing. But there are some mistakes that you just won’t bounce back from, which can hurt your reputation irrevocably.

Here’s 5 sales meeting blunders no B2B startup can afford to make:


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Australia’s Victoria state reports record number of cases and deaths

Coronavirus live updates: Australia’s Victoria state reports record number of cases and deaths